screw beautiful i'm brilliant
'96. I read too much. I watch too many tv shows. I seriously ship too many couples
That, kids, is the true story of how my social life is totally disappeared.
-Personally victimized by HIMYM's finale-
"I've got a life out there somewhere, it's waiting lined with palmtrees and only new faces"
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I hate Shonda Rhimes almost as much as I love Shonda Rhimes

Here’s some free advice: Kindergarten’s over. Training wheels are off. Nobody’s gonna catch you if you fall. You don’t like your life, you do something about it. You reach down, you pull one foot out of the mud, then the other. You walk away from it. Can’t walk? You crawl! You do something. Join a gym. Join a club. Join a cult. Do something. Anything. What you don’t do is whine to me about it! Charlotte King (via im-attachment-barbie)